Thursday, December 30, 2010


There are moments when your feelings cannot be described by fancy words, however, the beautiful gift that comes from a sincere heart says it all. Charming gifts from the HEART...the language of LOVE!

PT 8666 RM151.00
RG 8667 RM88.00
ER 8668 RM113.00

PT 8652 RM148.00
RG 8651 RM88.00
ER 8653 RM102.00

PT 8656 RM148.00
RG 8654 RM79.00
ER 8655 RM113.00

PT 8658 RM148.00
RG 8657 RM77.00
ER 8659 RM102.00

PT 8661 RM148.00
RG 8660 RM77.00
ER 8662 RM102.00

PT 8664 RM151.00
RG 8663 RM79.00
ER 8655 RM102.00

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